All members are required to take at a minimum one of either the Range Safety Officer Course (preferred) or the Club Level Safety course to use our ranges.


  1. Range Safety Officer (RSO) – Comprehensive; this is a certification course and members will be allowed a choice of which provider currently CQB or CSSA.  This course meets the current 2014 requirements as determined by the Chief Firearms Office of Ontario.  The Bancroft District Fish and Game Protective Association strongly encourages all members to take this course.  Further Clarification as to the duties of an RSO can be found on Our Range Operating Instructions Page.
  2. Club Level Safety (CLS) – Basic; this is a club level safety course meeting the  minimum requirement of the Chief Firearms Office that all members are required to take a minimum level of Safety Training.  Course is 2 – 3 hours in length.  Members will have access to a range key ($20.00).  Member must shoot alone (See Shooting Alone below)unless under the Direction of a Certified Range Safety Officer.  CLS Is not considered Range Safety Officer as defined in our Range Operating Instructions.
  3. Authorization to Transport (ATT) – This is a club level certification course is geared towards those members that have a Restricted Possession and Acquisition (RPAL).  Members must not have another ATT issued by another club unless wishing to rescind the existing ATT(cannot have two ATT’s). Members must complete a minimum of 3 practical shoots.  Club will apply for ATT on your behalf with the Chief Firearms Office once all requirements have been met.  Members are responsible for expiration of ATT’s as it is not a responsibility of the club.


Range Safety Officer (RSO) –  The RSO has complete authority on the range property to conduct authorized shooting practices and matches.  RSO’s have the responsibility to supervise all personnel (shooting and non-shooting alike) present on the property and may have members and or non-members removed at his / her discretion.  All RSO’s operating the facility must have a valid Range Safety Officer certification from a recognized agency.  The Bancroft District Fish and Game Protective Association Incorporated recognize RSO Qualifications from the following agencies or groups:

  • CQB Firearm Training Associates
  • CSSA
  • CFI
  • RCMP (Range Master Course)

Shooting Alone – Only 1 person and firearm in the act of shooting for the purpose on engaging targets.  Without anyone or anything else; not involving or including anyone or anything else.  Unless shooting under the direct supervision of a Range Safety Officer as defined above.



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