2017 Standing Committees

Bancroft Fish & Game 2017 Committees

Economic Development Committee:  (Social, Fund-raising, Family & Youth Activities, Entertainment, Special Events, and Family Day)

Co-Chairpersons Mary Hopkins & Marg Davis.

Committee members: Don Jenkins, Frank Anrep and Pam Cannon.

Buildings, Grounds & Maintenance Committee:

Chairperson: David Mystrall:

Committee member Roy Sanders.

Sportsman’s Show Committee:

Chairperson Pam Cannon, –

Members on Committee: Dave Beardmore (IPSC Group) Mike Nelson (Trap Group) Charlie Dalli (Archery Group)

Communications Committee: (Publicity & Newsletter, Website, Technology, Business Plan, By-Laws, Nominations)

Chairperson Paul Goggan

Club Education & Training Committee: (Club RSO & Restricted Courses)

Co-Chairpersons: Bruce Hopkins & Harry Murfin.

Committee members: Lois Poff,

Range Committee: (Archery, Trap, and Rifle & Pistol Ranges)

Chairperson Dave Beardmore, Vice-Chair Doug Crawford:

(see committee members below)

“Special Groups“ reporting directly to Range Committee:

1/ IPSC Group – Dave Beardmore, Don Morrison, Ed Dore, Paul Goggan,  Harry Murfin:

2/ Shotgun (Trap, 5 Stand) Group– Mike Nelson, Bernie Davis, Don Jenkins, Cam Mckenzie, Jim Goggan, Dave Brewer:

3/ Archery Group Charlie Dalli, Bruce Hopkins, Paul Goggan, David Myshrall, Sue Wright:

4/ Pistol & Rifle Group – Doug Crawford, Bruce Hopkins:


Range & EDC Committee Members and Contact Information:

Range Committee Members:

The range committee is charged with looking after all the ranges of the Bancroft District Fish and Game Protective Association.

Dave Beardmore – Committee Chairperson                                                                                                Phone:  705-448-1467                                                                                                                                           Email: range@bancroftfishandgame.com

Doug Crawford – Committee Vice- Chairperson                                                                                     Phone: 613-338-5590                                                                                                                      Email: range@bancroftfishandgame.com

Bruce Hopkins – Committee Member                                                                                            Phone: 613-332-4904

Frank Redmond – Committee Member                                                                                           Phone 705-656-2268

Heath Swannell – Committee Member                                                                                                 Phone- 613-332-0667

Bernie Davis – Committee Member                                                                                                 Phone: 613-332-0963

Paul Goggan – Committee Member                                                                                                Phone: 905-644-8846

Economic Development Committee

The economic development committee is charged with planning our events while looking for opportunities to develop sustainable revenue streams for the Bancroft District Fish and Game Protective Association.

Mary Hopkins – Committee Co-Chairperson                                                            613-332-4904                                                                     Email: edc@bancroftfishandgame.com

Pam Cannon       – Committee Member                                                                    613-338-5590                                                                           Email: edc@bancroftfishandgame.com

Marg Davis – Committee Co-Chairperson                                                                 613-332-0963                                                                           Email: edc@bancroftfishandgame.com












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